Bridging the experience gap

We start with the end in mind – so you know where you’re going and you’re ready when you get there.

We Are CE/CX - A Marketing Experience Consultancy powered by Campbell Ewald.

Consumer Experience – we didn’t invent the term, but we pioneered the practice in 1919.

It goes back to our heritage as an agency, when our two founders purchased a Chevrolet dealership in order to get hands-on knowledge of the entire customer journey – from advertisement to purchase, all the way to the great service that engenders brand loyalty.

So we created a whole practice out of it. Our Consumer Experience Journey Map is recognized as “one of the best” in the industry and gives you the big-picture context with real insights you can act on.

We’ll deliver smart strategies that are built with addressable, buyable audiences in mind, have actionable insights you can activate across the entire consumer journey and generate a real business impact.

Boosted industry-wide sales $30B YOY
in economic impact with a record 244MM visitors
increase in positive perception over 4 years
reduction in cost-per-product sold

Who is the Invisible Entrepreneur

Our latest thinking on emerging audiences and CX opportunites in the post-COVID era.


We activate experience at the intersection of consumer, culture and commerce – driving innovation geared for action.

We offer a full suite of services that span several categories, but our primary goal is getting you from insight to impact as quickly as possible.


Kickstart with quick wins & category insights

  • Addressable Audience Segmentation
  • Category & Competitive Insights Report and Action Plan
  • Brand, Design & Ideation Workshops

Surface actionable insights for short-term impact

  • Consumer Research Report and Action Plan
  • Category-Level Consumer Experience Journey Map
  • Brand Architecture Plan

Deep research & action plans for long-term effect

  • Brand-Level Consumer Experience Journey Map
  • Experience Benchmarking Report and Action Plan
  • Go-To-Market Road Map


We have a knack for making the complex simple. And, more important, manageable. With deep experience building brands in highly regulated industries and commoditized, fragmented categories, we tear down silos to help industries and stakeholders find alignment.

And we excel with clients that have multifaceted business challenges, complex distribution models, complicated consumer journeys and diverse product portfolios. We’ve been doing it for over a century – for every industry imaginable.

Financial Services

The financial services sector is changing more rapidly than ever and has never been more competitive. We have our finger on the pulse of the consumer and the category at large.


Born and based in the Motor City, we have more depth in, and understanding of, the automotive shopper and lifecycle than almost anyone.

Travel & Tourism

From OTAs and DMOs to hotels and airlines, the travel industry has been hit hard, facing unprecedented hurdles. We have a history navigating disruptive business models and can help organizations stay ahead of the curve.

Omnichannel Retail

The world of retail looks completely different post-COVID. From brick and mortar to e-commerce, the race to checkout has accelerated and, we have proven ways of paving a better path to purchase.

Client Experience