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The Consultancy Experience Isn’t Delivering the Value it Should

After doing a little research and asking around (talking to more than 200 senior managers and above about their experiences with consultancies), we found out a few things. Here’s what they had to say:

Findings “no longer useful” after just six months (33% shared this opinion after just three months)

Consultants were underwhelming on:

  • Speed to impact
  • Driving meaningful business outcomes
  • Usability across departments 

Recommendations are unrealistic to implement.

Too much jargon, too little action.

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    • Consumer insights are academic and hard to implement
    • +
    • Journey maps lack big-picture context
    • +
    • Recommendations aren’t built with addressable audiences in mind
    • +
    • Consultancy decks become doorstops
    • +
    • Journey maps turn into wallpaper
    • Insights are designed for media and marketing activation
    • +
    • Journey maps give you the whole picture
    • +
    • Strategies are built based only on addressable, buyable audiences
    • +
    • Action plans are created for every stakeholder
    • +
    • Business outcomes are tangible, actionable and impactful

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